white glove serviceI take pride in offering the same excellent, white glove service to all my clients, whether they are buying or selling a two-bedroom condominium or a large multi-million dollar estate.  My association with Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty allows me to provide a high-end luxury experience at every single price point and extraordinary, unparalleled marketing through the powerful connections of the premier residential company locally and globally. 

I care deeply about my clients’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations. But don’t take my word for it, read what my clients and colleagues say about me and my service. Full name and phone number available upon request.


“Sylvie initially became known to us because she developed a website about the various communities in Marin. When it came time to select an agent, Sylvie’s initiative in creating something of value for prospective clients stood out. We took an educated guess that the agent who created that page would be proactive. And we were correct.

Sylvie was attentive to our needs from the moment we initiated contact. We were motivated buyers looking to move quickly, and Sylvie matched our pace, which was very rapid (we’re talking days). She responded to our emails and texts, usually within minutes, and worked around our schedules. We were impressed with Sylvie’s ability to work cordially with all parties involved. She put together excellent viewing and property assessment opportunities. Sylvie’s recommendation to use RPM for the loan was brilliant and helped get our offer noticed over another buyer coming in all-cash.

Sylvie is friendly and approachable. She is a shrewd businesswoman who looks out for her client’s best interests. She took time to explain options to us and to suggest a smooth path in line with our needs. We would work with Sylvie again in a heartbeat.”

Mike and Beth

star –I worked with Sylvie to identify the right place for me to buy and then she helped me in buying my house. Then she helped me sell another house. She was there for each step of the process. She is highly professional and extremely attentive. Not only that, she is so nice to work with!

S. F.


“Sylvie Zolezzi is the best realtor ever.  In our corporate life, my husband and I bought and sold more than a dozen homes.  Selling this home was a personal challenge for me.  It was my sister’s home; she  had died a few months before and I live in another state. Sylvie understood the market and what needed to be done to prepare the house for sale.  She suggested painters and trades people I could contact for bids.  She knew the best inspectors and was there for the inspections and follow ups.  The photos and marketing were very well done and the house sold quickly with multiple offers all over asking price.  She is a very intelligent, hardworking person, a pleasure to work with.  Thanks Sylvie ”

M. H.


Marin Magazine Backstory - happy clients bought home in Belvedere, CA - www.YourPieceofMarin.com by Sylvie Zolezzi
Tom and Kris

“Your competence, keen intelligence and devoted attention to the purchase of our new home have been gifts Kris and I will not soon forget.  As a lawyer and, now, purchaser (and seller) of 5 prior houses, I bring something of a studied eye to this process. It’s been a joy seeing you in action: negotiating and closing on a deal in a very competitive market, efficiently managing the blizzard of paperwork, anticipating issues before they arise and finally assisting us with the move and acclimating to our new neighborhood. Oh, and mon dieu, did I mention how much fun it has been to hang out with you?”

Tom (and Kris)

Click on the link to see the Marin Magazine article featuring Tom and Kris’ property: Never Say Never – Marin Magazine – November 2014


When my husband and I decided to buy outside of the city we knew that we would have to buy on contingency since we were also selling our condo. Everyone that we talked to about it seemed to have the same opinion, that it simply doesn’t happen. We were referred to Sylvie through our agent in San Francisco and immediately trusted her. While she was honest about the difficulties of making a contingent offer she also never said never. When we did find a home we wanted to make an offer on she had no qualms about what we needed to do in order to be considered. She also suggested we write a note to let the owner know a little about us. Our offer was accepted and we later found out that we weren’t even the best offer. The letter we wrote struck a cord with the owner and endeared us to her. After that everything went smoothly and we are now the proud owners of our dream home all thanks to Sylvie. She coordinated a fabulous team of people to get everything on our list checked off and from our offer date to closing it was only 18 days! There really isn’t something I can say about Sylvie to justify the way we feel about her. She went above and beyond for us and I will thank her everyday for helping us find our dream home.

Maren and Dylan B.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in recommendation of Sylvie Zolezzi, who was highly instrumental in facilitating two major real estate transactions for me within the past six months.

Before hiring her as my real estate agent representing me in the sale of my Ross property last summer, I was acquainted with Sylvie from a prior 10-year community relationship.  I was aware of her background in business and human relations and education, and aware of her many accomplishments in those endeavors.  I also knew her personally as a woman of intelligence, dedication and refinement.  I was aware that she was a devoted wife, homemaker and mother of two grown children.

But what really set Sylvie apart as the person I wanted to represent my interest in a very crucial set of financial and real estate transactions was her intense work ethic combining inventiveness, willingness to research, alacrity of response and doggedness to the task.  Sylvie’s quiet but bright smile was clearly an asset, as she instantly makes people feel comfortable and, yet, also safe and respected.  She displayed qualities of fair play and ability to weigh in on two sides of the question at many different junctures during our transactions.

Sylvie helped me to accomplish a purchase of a beautiful historic home in the Sausalito hills assisting with every portion of my initial investigation of the home and its owners who were living in Italy.  She made all the tasks much simpler by her preparedness, by her anticipation of potential problems, by her conscientious attentiveness to details and the concerns for all parties and to her sense of fair play.  Her research on comparables for the home I intended to buy greatly aided in our finally establishing an asking price and subsequently in negotiating it.

Sylvie has excellent connections and was able to quickly procure the best experts for assessing the value and potential problems, as well as assessments of my new home.  Our offer was accepted even though another offer at a greater price was on the table.  I attribute that success largely to Sylvie’s negotiating style, her warm professionalism, confidence and continuity.  At one point, Sylvie actually came home from a family vacation in order to help facilitate closing the deal.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to once again use Sylvie’s services in the sale of my large property in Ross where I had resided for 28 years.  It was not an easy transition and Sylvie was sensitive to both the emotional as well as the financial issues.  She was excellent on all fronts.  She helped me greatly in single-handedly sorting through the contents of my home and preparing it and staging it in a very short period of time.  In approximately four weeks, the house was ready for sale.

My Ross house was put on the market just before the holidays last winter.  Sylvie was patient with great open houses and did a wonderful job of marketing my property, both locally and internationally in hard copy and online.  The result was an excellent offer during the holiday period, which resulted in an all-cash offer sale within two weeks of the offer.  All parties were satisfied and there have been no subsequent difficulties.  A new family lives in my old home and I am settled in a beautiful new one.

Sylvie is a remarkable person.  With her warmth, honesty and intelligence in the numerator, her strength and energy in the denominator, she is an amazing number.  I am indebted to her for her services above and beyond what I expected from a great realtor.  I can recommend her without a reservation as a fantastic asset to any potential client.


Linda G. MD


Recently, I retained Sylvie Zolezzi as my agent to help me sell my condominium at Shelter Bay in Mill Valley.

When I met her to discuss the sale, I immediately sensed a sense of connection with her.   She was thoroughly prepared for the meeting making me feel confident in setting the price and planning the strategy.  She recommended staging but my ability to pay for staging was limited.  So Sylvie and I pulled our resources, my daughter’s storage furniture, her art works and Sylvie’s accessories, to stage the condo.  With her impeccable taste we did a fantastic job.

Despite the dismal housing market, we soon had offers and with Sylvie’s thorough, competent and accurate guidance the whole process was made effortless.  She is an outstanding agent and I am pleased to give her my sincerest recommendation.




It is my absolute pleasure to write a letter of effusive recommendation for Sylvie Zolezzi who functioned as my realtor during the search and purchase of my current home in Greenbrae.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Sylvie as I was searching on Trulia.  Let it be known that I was a serial client to many realtors in the area who were interested in representing me.  But when I met Sylvie, as a result of her face appearing next to a property I wanted to visit, I appreciated her calm and understated demeanor immediately.  I had often been given the hard-sell from realtors, and frankly that is not an approach I care for.  (It should be noted that I’ve purchased and sold homes in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and now Marin, so have had many opportunities to gauge my satisfaction level or lack thereof, with realtors.)

Sylvie made herself available to me whenever I needed her assistance and she also provided me with ample necessary information enabling me to complete my research and purchase my home.  There wasn’t one moment during my work with Sylvie that I regretted having her represent me, as I knew that she would always have my best interests in mind and given her extensive business background, and ethical character,  I could trust her to make decisions on my behalf.  It also must be mentioned that Sylvie, without being ostentatious or gregarious, has a fabulous sense of style, which can be important in the aesthetic realm of house-hunting.

Please let me know if you have any further questions with regard to my association with Sylvie Zolezzi.  But know ahead of time that I only have accolades to share.




I would like to share with you how deeply I appreciated the commendable work that Sylvie Zolezzi performed in selling my San Anselmo property.  This transaction was time-critical as I was also seeking to purchase a home in Greenbrae.  Due to Sylvie’s tenacity and perseverance, we were able to complete both transactions in less than two months, and I am now happily living in my new home.

Sylvie went above and beyond in helping stage my property beautifully and her marketing of the property was fantastic.  Sylvie utilized numerous online and offline techniques to generate and maintain interest in my home for the duration of its time on the market.

Having to work with two other agents for the other parties involved and myself, Sylvie was a consummate problem solver, and without her tactful and insightful negotiations, it is very likely this deal would not have been finalized.

Sylvie went the extra mile to talk to contractors, PG&E, San Anselmo town inspectors and others to ensure everything came together as needed.

Her recommendations of a sewer-lateral inspection and purchase of a home warranty were very helpful as well, as both resolved some issues at my new home.

My son also purchased his first home with Sylvie and shared a wonderful experience with her as well.  I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a professional, caring, tenacious and savvy agent.  Her honesty, dedication and integrity are without equal!



Sylvie was a pleasure to work with. She is professional, caring, savvy and a valuable asset to Coldwell Banker. I can’t imagine the buying experience without her first class help. As new home buyers, she was helpful, knowledgeable and made the whole complex process much easier to manage.

Sylvie deserves commendation for excellent service. She made the daunting process of buying a home a pleasure. I’d happily recommend her. (November 2009)

Paul G. W.


Dear Sylvie,Thank you again so much for all your hard work and going the extra mile to help me get the home of my dreams!  It has been such a pleasure working with you.  With affection,



Sylvie Zolezzi was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She was always prompt with answering questions or helping with any particular item that would help with the transaction. She was very detail oriented and exceeded our expectations in every respect.  I’ve lived in several cities across the US (and in Asia) and Sylvie’s efforts made this relocation about as smooth a transition as can be imagined.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a new home and/or planning to relocate to the Bay Area.

Martin W., CEO



“Over the transaction we shared, Sylvie illustrated the definition of experienced professional real estate agent. Not only was she welcoming yet to the point, she was organized, proactive and an excellent communicator. Sylvie is the only contact I would refer to a potential client in her geographical area of expertise. I am looking forward to working with her again. Violaine”


“Sylvie is a very professional sales associate who puts the needs of her clients first.”

Daunielle Cutting, Sales Manager , Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, San Rafael, CA
(worked directly with Sylvie at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage)



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