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“Your competence, keen intelligence and devoted attention to the purchase of our new home have been gifts Kris and I will not soon forget. As a lawyer and, now, purchaser (and seller) of 5 prior houses, I bring something of a studied eye to this process. It’s been a joy seeing you in action: negotiating and closing on a deal in a very competitive market, efficiently managing the blizzard of paperwork, anticipating issues before they arise and finally assisting us with the move and acclimating to our new neighborhood. Oh, and mon dieu, did I mention how much fun it has been to hang out with you?”

Tom (and Kris)

"Sylvie initially became known to us because she developed a website about the various communities in Marin. When it came time to select an agent, Sylvie’s initiative in creating something of value for prospective clients stood out. We took an educated guess that the agent who created that page would be proactive. And we were correct.

Sylvie was attentive to our needs from the moment we initiated contact. We were motivated buyers looking to move quickly, and Sylvie matched our pace, which was very rapid (we’re talking days). She responded to our emails and texts, usually within minutes, and worked around our schedules. We were impressed with Sylvie’s ability to work cordially with all parties involved. She put together excellent viewing and property assessment opportunities. Sylvie’s recommendation to use RPM for the loan was brilliant and helped get our offer noticed over another buyer coming in all-cash.

Sylvie is friendly and approachable. She is a shrewd businesswoman who looks out for her client’s best interests. She took time to explain options to us and to suggest a smooth path in line with our needs. We would work with Sylvie again in a heartbeat.”

Mike and Beth

"I am writing this letter in recommendation of Sylvie Zolezzi, who was highly instrumental in facilitating two major real estate transactions for me within the past six months.

Before hiring her as my real estate agent representing me in the sale of my Ross property last summer, I was acquainted with Sylvie from a prior 10-year community relationship. I was aware of her background in business and human relations and education, and aware of her many accomplishments in those endeavors. I also knew her personally as a woman of intelligence, dedication and refinement. I was aware that she was a devoted wife, homemaker and mother of two grown children.

But what really set Sylvie apart as the person I wanted to represent my interest in a very crucial set of financial and real estate transactions was her intense work ethic combining inventiveness, willingness to research, alacrity of response and doggedness to the task. Sylvie’s quiet but bright smile was clearly an asset, as she instantly makes people feel comfortable and, yet, also safe and respected. She displayed qualities of fair play and ability to weigh in on two sides of the question at many different junctures during our transactions".

Linda G. MD
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